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propane delivery to Cuttyhunk.

From left to right:
100lb / 200lb Chubbie / 420lb Fatboy

100lb, 200lb Chubbie, 420lb Fatboy
Not sure which one will fit your propane needs? Let us help!

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We have received the first shipment of 150 - 100lb, 22 - 200lb (Chubbies) 10 -  420lb (Fat Boys). All of the sizes are portable and can be placed in any reasonable, and approved location. Each cylinder is being coated with anti-corrosive primer and gloss white top coat to protect against the corrosive salt air on Cuttyhunk. This paint is used commercially in the painting of bridges and is specifically designed for salt environments. With Cuttyhunk being a small remote island, any strong winds from any direction puts lots of fine salt mist in the air- I'm sure you have noticed how quickly your golf carts, grills, and outdoor furniture rusts. This is exactly why we are spending the money to carefully prime and paint each cylinder even though they come with a factory baked finish. We want to avoid the rusting problems that are plaguing the existing gas bottles now and creating a hazardous situation.

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